Introducing Choc

August 31, 2014

Have you ever been in the situation, when you include two or more dependencies only to find out that there are duplicates object file on your dependencies and a proprietary library included on your XCode Project? The proprietary library, say libProprietary.a includes AFHTTPClient.o from open source AFNetworking version 1.3.0 for example. You want to update it to 1.3.3 but you can’t, you stuck with old version embedded in the proprietary library. If this situation is familiar to you, then choc is the right tool for you. Read on.



I’ve been in this situation on my last project maintaining legacy system. It includes proprietary, binary-only libraries from former developer. I’ve successfully migrated the dependencies using amazing CocoaPods. However the proprietary library already includes old versions of Facebook SDK and Google Analytics SDK which doesn’t work and crash the app. If I include the newer libs via CocoaPods, the app can’t be compiled because of duplicate object file name. Thus, this tool was born.

I hacked the tool for a couple of hours, and I came up with the name choc. It just a wordplay of chocholate and chop. This tool will remove unneeded object files from a universal library.

How to Install and Use

The tool is written in ruby and installed using gem.

gem install choc
rbenv rehash # if you're using RBEnv

To use the tool, just invoke it with your proprietary library as the first parameters and the object list in the next parameters, for example if you want to remove JSONKit.o and AFHTTPClient.o

choc libProprietary.a JSONKit.o AFHTTPClient.o

and it’ll remove both object files from the lib. If you want to list the object files inside a library, you can do it using ar tools included in the XCode.

ar -t libProprietary.a

I learnt ruby in the same day I wrote this tool, so pardon if the code is messy, features are minimal, and unexpected bugs are many. But hey, you can’t always file an issue in the Github Repository. Pull Requests are welcome.

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Introducing Choc - August 31, 2014 - Didiet Noor